Public Auction

Duly instructed by our principal (the financier), we shall sell by public auction the under mentioned Motor Vehicles on Tuesday 6th August 2019 at the premises of Westminster Storage and Auction Yard off Enterprise Road   starting at 10:30 a.m.  

1KCP 519ASUZUKIALTOLeakeys Storage Lunga Lunga
2KCP 539ASUZUKIALTOLeakeys Storage Lunga Lunga
3KCP 090DSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
4KCP 513ASUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
5KCP 419USUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
6KCQ 106BSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
7KCP 352MSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
8KCP 088SSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
9KCQ 043BSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
10KCP 732ZSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
11KCQ 070MSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
12KCQ 824ASUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
13KCR 037MSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
14KCR 252ASUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
15KCR 062HSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
16KCP 714WSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
17KCR 962RSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
18KCQ 038JSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
19KCP 569ASUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
20KCS 047NSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
21KCP 056ZSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage
22KCR 621ZSUZUKIALTOWestminster storage


  1. Viewing can be done at the indicated location to verify details as these are not warranted by the auctioneers or our principal.
  2. All interested bidders are required to pay a refundable deposit of Kshs. 50,000/= before the auction to obtain a bidding number in form of a BANKERS CHEQUE.
  3. The declared purchaser must deposit 25% of the purchase price by close of business auction day and the balance paid within Fourteen (14) days from the auction date, failure to which the money received including the deposit will be forfeited.

Sale is subject to reasonable reserve price

Public Auction
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