Duly instructed by our principal (the financier), we shall sell by public auction the under mentioned Motor Vehicles on Thursday 8th August 2019 at Bamburi Storage Yard Mombasa starting at 10:30 a.m.

1KBL 215TRenault2010 Bamburi Storage Yard
2KBL 217TRenault2010 Bamburi Storage Yard
3KBL 214TRenault Kerax2010 Bamburi Storage Yard
4KBH 892ZFoton2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
5KBJ 957XFoton2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
6KBJ 958XFoton2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
7KBN 550WFoton2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
8KBN 580WFoton2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
9KBN 590WFoton2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
10KBN 942XFoton2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
11KBP 603SShacman2011 Bamburi Storage Yard
12KBL 216TRenault2010 Bamburi Storage Yard
13KBL 275ERenault2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
14KBJ 833XFoton2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
15KBM 848FShacman2010 Bamburi Storage Yard
16KBN 826GRenault Kerax2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
17KBP 609SShacman2011 Bamburi Storage Yard
18KBP 601SShacman2011 Bamburi Storage Yard
19KBP 608SShacman2011 Bamburi Storage Yard
20KBM 157JShacman2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
21KBY 070HFoton2013 Bamburi Storage Yard
22ZD 2211Bhachu Dropside Trailer2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
23ZD 6728Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2011 Bamburi Storage Yard
24ZD 9189Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
25ZD 9190Bhachu Dropside Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
26ZD 9191Bhachu Dropside Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
27ZD 9192Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
28ZD 9244Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
29ZD 9245Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
30ZD 5294Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2010 Bamburi Storage Yard
31ZD 6669Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2011 Bamburi Storage Yard
32KBL 497SRenault2010 Bamburi Storage Yard
33ZD 5048Bhachu Dropside Trailer2010 Bamburi Storage Yard
34ZD 9246Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
35ZD 9247Bhachu Dropside Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
36ZD 9248Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
37ZF 1289Bhachu Dropside Trailer2015 Bamburi Storage Yard
38ZF 1290Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2015 Bamburi Storage Yard
39ZD 6670Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2011 Bamburi Storage Yard
40ZD 9542Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
41ZE 1489Bhachu High Sided Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
42ZE 2773Bhachu half high side trailer2013 Bamburi Storage Yard
43ZD 9188Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
44ZE 5282Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2013 Bamburi Storage Yard
45ZE 1721Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2012 Bamburi Storage Yard
46KBL 276ERenault2009 Bamburi Storage Yard
47ZE 5253Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2013 Bamburi Storage Yard
48KBM 648GShacman2010 Bamburi Storage Yard
49ZD 5295Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2010 Bamburi Storage Yard
50ZD 5050Bhachu Flatbed Trailer2010 Bamburi Storage Yard


  1. Viewing can be done at the indicated location to verify details as these are not warranted by the auctioneers or our principals.
  2. All interested bidders are required to pay a refundable deposit of Kshs. 100,000/= before the auction to obtain a bidding number in form of a BANKERS CHEQUE.
  3. The declared purchaser must deposit 25% of the purchase price by close of business auction day and the balance paid within Fourteen (14) days from the auction date, failure to which the money received including the deposit will be forfeited.

Sale is subject to reasonable reserve price

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