Levying of Distress for Rent Arrears

Sale By Public Auction


You can now bid for salvages online through our online platform. Place bids from the comfort of your office / Home.

Who We Are

Founded in the year 2001, We have grown from strength to strength to become one of the most reputable auctioneering firms in kenya. We hold a “Class B” license.

Sale by Public Auction

Sale of movable property by auction or any other mode of sale competition


Repossession of motor vehicles, machineries or any other items in pursuant to the provision of any written law or contract.

Debt Collection

Levying of distress for rent arrears within Nairobi.


Tracing of Judgement debtor and their assets


The license empowers us to repossess, realize mortgage securities and sell movable and immovable property all over the republic of Kenya.

Execution of Court warrants

Execution of court warrants

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